Mental Training for Athletes
If you can’t take your performance in practice to competition regularly, mental training is
the answer. Overcome the frustration caused by not performing at your peak potential
in competition with mental toughness training! Your mind – what you think and believe
– is your most powerful asset and is what separates average from great athletes.
Talent, hard work, and determination combined with superior mental toughness leads
you into the winner’s circle – consistently! Beat the competition and enhance your
mental stamina with sports mental toughness training or self-paced learning programs.
One-On-One Mental Coaching
For highly committed athletes who want faster results with their mental game. Get one-on-one mental game coaching from mental training expert Aaron
Toto! Join a coaching program from anywhere in the world via Skype, Phone or FaceTime or get face-to-face in Roseville, CA. One-on-one mental
coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes. We have a variety of
mental coaching programs to choose from. Please call us at 916-765-2015 with your questions. Coaching Packages Start at $600 a month. Learn More
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Mental Training CD & Workbooks
For athletes who want to work at their own pace–from home, office, or hotel room. Our popular Confident Athlete CD and Workbook programs improve
your mental toughness and boost confidence! Or browse our sports-specific mental edge programs for golfers, tennis players, Skaters, Auto Racers, and
more! Our mental training CD and workbook programs are the next best option to engaging in personal mental game coaching. Programs Starting at $79.
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Free Mental Game Report and Tips
For athletes who want to sample the power of mental training. Download your free mental toughness report. Discover if you are making one or more of
these “costly” mental game mistakes prior to competition with, “Top 10 ‘Costly’ Mental Game Mistakes Athletes Make Before Competition.” Discover if
those pregame jitters you feel prior to competition are positive or negative. Learn what mistakes you make with pre-competition mental preparation. Learn
the important pregame mental skills to perform your best! Free weekly mental game tips are included. Download a Free Mental Toughness Report Now…
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